Cloud storage is a mode of online storage

Cloud storage is usually a network of on the web storage (English: Cloud storage) manner, where data is stored on multiple virtual servers, usually hosted by a 3rd bash, rather than exclusive servers. When a hosting company operates a huge data heart, the person who needs data storage meets the demand of data storage by purchasing or renting storage space in the company.

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Data middle operators prepare to store virtualized resources during the back end as outlined by customers’ needs, and provide them as storage pool, which is usually used by customers to store files or objects. In fact, these resources may well be distributed across a lot of server hosts.

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Cloud storage can be a service accessed from the Web Services Application Program Interface (API) or as a result of a Web-based user interface.

With a direct SSD or disk travel attached, you can use any file procedure supported by your operating technique. A single disadvantage of this pattern is that if the machine instance is shut down, the data around the hard push is deleted. To save the data, it must be copied to another storage procedure, these kinds of as object storage during the cloud.

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Not all software data involves SSD functionality. Commonly accessed data can be migrated to disk-based storage. Both SSD and disk-based storage support the standard I/O protocol, so there is no must change the application when moving it from local hardware to the cloud.

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SMT solder paste printing methods and course of action suggestions and criteria

With the rapid enhancement of ingredient packaging, a growing number of resistance capacitance elements such as PBGA, CBGA, CCGA, QFN, 0201, 0100503015 and so on are already broadly used, and also the surface mount technology has also produced speedily. From the generation process, the impact and function of solder paste printing around the entire output course of action is paid out an increasing number of consideration by engineers. From the market, enterprises also widely agree that to get very good welding, long-term and dependable top quality products, the very first thing to pay for notice to is the solder paste printing. In creation, we should always not merely grasp and use solder paste printing technologies, but additionally evaluate the causes from the issues, and apply the improvement actions to creation apply.

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As a way to standardize the solder paste printing course of action of SMT workshop and ensure the printing excellent of solder paste, the subsequent process suggestions are formulated, that are relevant to solder paste printing in SMT workshop of Hong Kong. The engineering office is dependable for that formulation and revision of your guideline; it’s liable for location printing parameters and improving upon bad approach; the producing division and good quality department carry out the rule of thumb to guarantee fantastic printing high-quality.

1?¡é Tools and components utilized in SMT solder paste printing course of action:

1. Printing press

2. PCB board

3. Steel mesh

four. Solder paste

five. Solder paste mixer

2?¡é SMT solder paste printing steps

one. Test before printing check the correctness of PCB to generally be printed;

1.2 check out if the PCB surface to get printed is entire and no cost from problems and dust;

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one.three check if the steel mesh is constant with PCB and no matter whether its rigidity satisfies the printing requirements;

one.four test if the steel mesh is blocked. In the event that of hole plugging, wipe the metal mesh with dust-free paper dipped with liquor, and dry it with the air gun. Retain a length of 3-5cm concerning the metal mesh and the air gun;

1.five verify whether the solder paste used is right and no matter whether it’s utilized in line with the „storage and utilization of solder paste”. Notice: look closely at the rewarming time, mixing time, the excellence concerning lead-free and lead-free, and many others.

two. SMT solder paste printing

two.1 resolve the correct steel mesh towards the printing device and debug it;

2.two assemble a clear and good scraper within the printing push;

2.three add the solder paste into the steel mesh while using the solder paste stirring knife. The peak of the very first solder paste is about 1cm, and also the width is 1.5-2CM. The duration relies on the size of your PCB. Both sides are 3cm lengthier as opposed to printing place, and will not be far too prolonged or far too brief. Following that, include the solder paste every single two hrs, as well as the tin content material is about 100g;

2.four set them into PCB board for printing. The main five pcs of printed boards are expected being thoroughly inspected. Following the printing good quality is Okay, tell IPQC with the initially inspection. Right after confirming which the printing quality is typical, tell the output line operators to get started on production;

2.five in the standard printing approach, the operator need to check the printing result each 50 % one hour to examine regardless of whether you can find some unwanted phenomena this sort of as absence of tin, continuous tin, pinching, displacement, missing printing, and so on., and deal with the printing result of components with extreme pin density, this sort of as „BGA, QFP, SOP, format and insertion”;

2.six for each 5 pcs printed, the metal mesh ought to be cleaned at the time. If you will discover factors „BGA, QFP, SOP, row and plug” with much too dense pins around the PCB board, the cleaning frequency should really be greater after every 3pcs; from the creation approach, if continuous 3pcs printing is observed for being faulty, the technician shall be told for debugging; the PCB board with poor printing shall be cleaned. Clean the PCB floor having a little gold paste, and don’t scratch the area from the PCB with the gun;

2.8 inside the normal printing approach, it’s required to routinely test if the solder paste overflows, and collect the overflowing solder paste;

2.nine soon after the tip of creation, the solder paste, scraper, metal mesh as well as other auxiliary components and resources must be recovered, and the fixture need to be cleaned in accordance with the „storage and use of solder paste” and „steel mesh cleansing operation guide”;

3. Solder paste printing system needs the leading printing problems contain: fewer tin, constant tin, sharp drawing, displacement, lacking printing, abnormal tin, collapse, soiled PCB board, and many others,

three.two the printing thickness of solder paste is from – 0.02mm to + 0.04mm;

three.three guarantee that there’s no defect inside the welding influence immediately after the furnace;

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Tips on how to print solder paste nicely

1 Factors of solder paste

Solder paste is much much more complex than pure tin direct alloy. Its most important factors are as follows: solder alloy particles, flux, rheological regulator, viscosity command agent, solvent, and so on. It is actually important to grasp the appropriate elements and choose differing kinds of solder paste; at the same time, it is additionally essential to select significant factories with excellent creation approach and steady high-quality. Generally speaking, the next aspects should really be thought of when selecting solder paste:

1.1 viscosity of solder paste

The viscosity of solder paste may be the most important aspect influencing the printing general performance. If the viscosity is simply too large, the solder paste is not simple to go through the opening of the template, the printed lines are incomplete, the viscosity is too reduced, and it can be uncomplicated to move and collapse, which impacts the printing resolution along with the smoothness of lines.

The viscosity of solder paste could be measured having an accurate viscometer. In precise work, if the organization buys imported solder paste, an easy strategy can be utilized to create qualitative judgment for your viscosity in normal creation: raise the solder paste that has a scraper to discover whether it’s bit by bit and step by action to accomplish a average viscosity. Concurrently, we also imagine that as a way for making the solder paste have got a excellent viscosity attribute every time, we need to carry out the next:

(1) For the duration of the method from 0 ?? to space temperature, the sealing and time will have to be certain;

(2) It is actually much better to utilize unique stirrer for mixing;

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